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Questions about Methodological Instruments

Yes. We appreciate that some employers may wish to ask extra questions specific to their own situation so we allow companies to include extra questions for a small extra charge.

We focus on factors that enables/promotes the quality of working life, employee engagement, anti-workplace bullying and violence and employee well-being. We also focus on possible barriers to employee well-being. The information received from these analyses can be used in evidence-based decision for improvements.

The mixed methods approach adopted will evaluate employee engagement, employees’ perspectives on workplace bullying and violence and employee well-being holistically from three perspectives: individuals, groups, and the organization. The methodological approach adopted will be context specific given the nature of the inquiry. Our approach is practical and pragmatic.

Questions about Confidentiality

As part of the Terms and Conditions, we guarantee that information collected from employees will be done to protect their identity and to ensure the anonymity of all respondents (i.e. individuals, groups and the organization).

Other Questions?

Please contact us for further details.